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VCSO244 Viking 24" Stainless Steel Professional Combi Steam/Convect Oven

VCSO244 Viking 24" Stainless Steel Professional Combi Steam/Convect Oven
Professional Features
•Electronic steam system provides efficient use of water and energy for steam production
•External boiler ensures no accumulation of limescale within the oven
•Climate sensor maintains the ideal climate for gentle cooking
•5 1⁄4 cup (1.25 liter) water tank
•Holds fresh water for steaming up to 2 hours at 212ºF (100ºC)
•Six cooking functions with recommended temperatures
•Steaming – gently cooks food while retaining natural vitamins and minerals
•Reheat and defrost foods using steam with the ReHeat Plus™ function
•ProBake cooking-provides two cooking phases of steam and heat to seal in the moisture while browning the outside of food
•TruConvec™ cooking with fan-forced air – perfect for multiple rack baking
•SteamHeat™ and TruSteam™ cooking (used for roasting and baking) – combine steam with fan-forced air to brown the outside of food while ensuring the interior is cooked
•Meat probe detects internal temperature of food

Precision Controls
•Electronic clock/temperature and special settings display
•10 hour independent timer
•Delay cooking feature
•Tone and electronic display indicate cooking time is complete
•Text display provided in seven languages easily guides you through the functions and settings
•For safety, the control panel can be locked to prevent unwanted operation
•Automatic descaling/cleaning display
•Must use descaling cleanser provided with oven

Functional Oven Cavity
•1.1 cubic ft. (31 liter) stainless steel interior
•2 racks/6 rack positions
•1 3⁄4 qt. (1.7 liter) stainless steel multi-purpose cooking tray
•3 1⁄2 qt. (3.3 liter) stainless steel steamer tray

Installation Options
•Must be installed using a built-in trim kit (sold separately)
•Built-in trim kits are designed to match with corresponding Viking products
•VSTK274 – 27”W. built-in trim kit
•VSTK304 – 30”W. built-in trim kit
•VSTK364 – 36”W. built-in trim kit

Finish Option
•Stainless Steel

Shipping Weight: 210 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight

Click the title to view installation guide. (Adobe Acrobat required. If you don't have Acrobat, click here to download it)