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T30IR70NSP Themador 30" Fully Integrated Fresh Food Column

T30IR70NSP Themador 30" Fully Integrated Fresh Food Column
Custom Panel & Handle Required

Energy Guide Information
  • This refrigerator uses 319 kWh/yr and has an estimated yearly operating cost of $33.97.
  • The estimated yearly operating cost is based on the 2007 national average electricity cost of $.1065 per kWh. Your operating cost will depend on your utility rates and usage.

    FREEDOM™ HINGE Engineered specifically for the Freedom Collection, this heavy-duty hinge can open to 115º, allowing the columns to be fully flush mounted without sacrificing accessibility. The hinge is able to support virtually any custom wood panel you choose.

    LIBERTY™ SHELF This Thermador exclusive allows you to adjust a fully loaded shelf with a simple touch of a button, providing increased versatility and the liberty to maximize the interior space quickly and easily.

    FLEXTEMP™ DRAWER The FlexTemp™ Drawer allows you to regulate the temperature to better preserve and maintain the optimal freshness of your food.

    LUMINOUS™ BRIGHT HALOGEN LIGHT TOWERS Luminous™ Bright Halogen Light Towers and upper halogen spotlights fully illuminate food to prevent items from being forgotten and to avoid spoilage.

    FREEFLOW™ COLD AIR SYSTEM Our FreeFlow™ Cold Air System utilizes a cold air channel located behind the door bins to ensure food items stored on the door are as cold as food items on the shelves.

    ELECTRONIC CONTROL BOARD The Electronic Control Board utilizes sensors within the unit to keep temperatures consistent, so your food stays fresh no matter where you store it.

    HANDLE OPTIONS You're free to choose the look you want with the Freedom Collection's stainless steel and custom panel options. Choose from Professional Handles, Curved Handles, Freedom Professional Handles or utilize a custom panel for a fully integrated design.

    Approximate Dimensions (DxWxH): 24 3/4" x 30 x 84"

    We Sell and Ship Thermador Appliances to
    Residencies within California and Northern Nevada Only.

  • Adobe Acrobat required. If you don't have Acrobat, click here to download it.