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SIU401-23x Sirius 36'' Stainless Steel/Glass Classical Island Hood

SIU401-23x Sirius 36'' Stainless Steel/Glass Classical Island Hood


• Very silent operation - 61dba/3.9 sones
• Dual high torque centrifugal fans in an aluminum squirrel cage die cast housing
• Powerful 120v 60hz load compensating motor
• Static pressure - one of the strongest in its class - 460 pa
• Suction capability of 600 cfm - the unique design of the air intake area creates a powerful venturi action which assists the modular hoods in outperforming 650 cfm models
• Powerful 50w halogen lamp with a dichroic glass filter
• Four fan speed settings with a 10 minute timer and halogen lamp switch
• Wireless remote control operation is ideal for consumers who have difficulty reaching up or under for switches - this very compact handheld unit is supplied with a convenient wall mount holder
• High density carbon filter for re-circulating applications - optional
• One year factory backed parts warranty
• CSA - USA and Canada certified
• High density aluminum dishwasher safe grease filters
• 6” round duct outlet
• Telescopic decorative chimney extendable for 9’ ceilings
• Features and craftsmanship only found on luxury makes
• Brushed stainless steel finish

Glass Dimensions: Width-35.4" Depth-23.6"

Ships as three items - SIU400x, SIU401xChim and Sch2390
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