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T36IT71FNS Thermador 36" Edgy Panel 3-Door Bottom-Freezer Freedom Refrigerator

T36IT71FNS Thermador 36" Edgy Panel 3-Door Bottom-Freezer Freedom Refrigerator
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Energy Guide Information
  • 448 kWh/year , estimating operating cost $48
  • Estimating operating cost of 10.65 cents per kWh based on 2007 National average electricity cost

    Freedom Hinge
  • Engineered specifically for the Freedom Collection, this heavy-duty hinge can open to 115º.
  • Allows the columns to be fully flush mounted without sacrificing accessibility.
  • The hinge is able to support virtually any custom wood panel you choose.

    Liberty Shelf
  • This Thermador exclusive allows you to adjust a fully loaded shelf with a simple touch of a button.
  • Provides increased versatility and the liberty to maximize the interior space quickly and easily.

    Multiple Insulated Door Compartments
  • Multiple specially insulated door compartments keep delicate and extra-perishable foods fresher longer.

    Luminous Bright Halogen Light Towers
  • Luminous Bright Halogen Light Towers and upper halogen spotlights fully illuminate food to prevent items from being forgotten and to avoid spoilage.

    Glass Tiered Shelving
  • Their glass tiered shelving and their multiple food drawer system allows for a variety of storage options.

    Electronic Control Board
  • The Electronic Control Board utilizes sensors within the unit to keep temperatures consistent.
  • So your food stays fresh no matter where you store it.

    Large Capacity Freezer Drawer
  • This large capacity freezer drawer accommodates all of your frozen food storage needs.
  • Offers easy access for heavier items such as frozen turkeys and roasts.

    Multiple Handle Options
  • Choose the look you want by selecting a Professional, Masterpiece, Freedom Pro or Curved handle.

    Dual Compressors and Evaporators
  • Foods are kept at the ideal temperature and humidity levels.

    Unique Modular Column Design
  • Creates customized refrigeration of various sizes and configurations.

  • Fully Flush Mounted For A Perfectly Seamless Appearance

  • Amongst The Quietest Refrigeration In The Market

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified

    We Sell and Ship Thermador Appliances to
    Residencies within California and Northern Nevada Only.