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42" Vent-A-Hood Emerald Series Wall Hood, SL18/SLX18

42" Vent-A-Hood Emerald Series Wall Hood, SL18/SLX18
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Fluorescent - The bulb is an 18” 15 watt Cool White bulb that fits in a 21” light assembly. You need 21” of additional lip space to add another light assembly to a hood. It is recommended that additional lights be added in longer hoods. Additional lights come on the back side of island hoods. One light comes with each single or dual wall mount blower, two lights come with each dual island blower, and four lights come with each cluster blower.

Warming Lights: The Warming Lamp Bar (model W-BAR) mounts underneath the blowers, and may be placed in stainless steel and enamel finished hoods that are 18” or higher. The warming lamp assembly is always finished in stainless steel. Two lights per warming bar (bulbs not included). Hood height required for the W-BAR is 18” (will not fit in hoods with lowered deck). Warming Lamp Bar is included with this hood free of charge.

- Transition to 8" Round Included with each Dual Blower

Equivalent CFM: A typical hood with a 600 CFM Magic Lung blower is capable of handling professional style cooking equipment with 900 CFM requirements (as specified by the range manufacturer.) The Magic Lung blower performs better because it uses centrifugal filtration instead of mesh or baffle filtration.

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Shipping Weight: 90 lbs

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