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A4O-E-CLT AGA Traditional Electric 4 Oven Claret Cooker

A4O-E-CLT AGA Traditional Electric 4 Oven Claret Cooker
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No gas service? No problem. The new electric AGA looks and cooks like the gas AGA, but it's powered by a plug. How does it work? Simple. An electrically powered warm air recirculation system (patent pending) provides the heat which maintains the cooker's operating temperature and provides perfect radiant heat cooking.

  • Height 33-1/2"
  • Depth 26-3/4"
  • Width 58-3/4"

  • Maintenance: A 5-year preventative maintainence service is recommended.
  • Venting Options: None Required
  • Power Requirements: 220-240 Volt, 15 Amp circuit required. 2.5kw/hour.
  • Materials: Durable cast iron covered by three coats of vitreous enamel in one of 12 colors.
  • Installation : Must be installed by a certified AGA fitter.

    Do not use the above specifications for kitchen design or installation. Please consult our design guide for detailed rough-in and specification information.

    Shipping Weight: 1300 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight