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Alfresco Accessories

Alfresco Insulated JacketsAIJ30 Alfresco 30" Insulated Jacket
AIJ42 Alfresco 42" Insulated Jacket
AIJ56 Alfresco 56" Insulated Jacket
Alfresco Centers & StationsADT14 Alfresco 14" Built-in Bartending Center
ADT24 Alfresco 24" Built-in Bartending Center
ADT30 Alfresco 30" Bartending Centers
ADT42RFG Alfresco 42" Refrigerated Bartending Center
ASKT Alfresco Prep and Hand Wash Sink
RAIL14 Alfresco 14" Speed Rail
RAIL19 Alfresco 19" Speed Rail
APS30P Alfresco Plate & Garnish Rail with Food Pans
APWC Alfresco Prep & Waste Station Chute
ABTC Alfresco 15" Trash Center Drawer
ABTH Alfresco 17" Paper Towel Holder
Alfresco Storage Doors, Drawers, & CartsAB-17L Alfresco 17" Single Access LEFT Door
AB-17R Alfresco 17" Single Access RIGHT Door
AB-23L Alfresco 23" Single Access LEFT Door
AB-23R Alfresco 23" Single Access RIGHT Door
AB-30 Alfresco 30" Double sided Access Door
AB-42 Alfresco 42" Double sided Access Door
AB-2DR Alfresco 17" Two Tier Storage Drawers
AB-3DR Alfresco 17" Three Tier Storage Drawers
AB-30DR Alfresco 30" VersaPower Accessory Drawer
AB-DDC-L Alfresco 32" Three Drawers w/ Door on LEFT
AB-DDC-R Alfresco 32" Three Drawers w/ Door on RIGHT
ADSP-30L Alfresco 30'' Low Profile Dry Storage Pantry (21'' High)
ADSP-30H Alfresco 30'' High Profile Dry Storage Pantry (33'' High)
ADSP-42L Alfresco 42'' Low Profile Dry Storage Pantry (21'' High)
ADSP-42H Alfresco 42'' High Profile Dry Storage Pantry (33'' High)
AG30C Alfresco 30" Cart
AG30CD Alfresco Deluxe 30" Cart with Drawers
AG42C Alfresco 42" Cart
AG56C Alfresco 56" Standard Cart