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AGA Legacy Ranges

AGA Legacy Ranges
Known throughout Europe for its superior quality and craftsmanship the Aga Legacy is a legacy unto itself. The unique gleaming spiral handles set off the curvaceous doors to satisfy the design conscious. Versatile gas burners and flexible electric ovens indulge those with the highest culinary standards. With this bold appearance and contemporary features, it�s easy to see why this Aga outlooks and out cooks every conventional range available.

AGALEG36G AGA Legacy Cathedral Door 36" Range with Glass Door
AGALEG44 AGA Legacy 6 Gas Burner Range
AGALEG44G AGA Legacy Cathedral Door 44" Range with Glass Door
AGALEG44E Aga Legacy 44" Electric Range
AGALEG44EG Aga Legacy 44" Electric Range with Cathedral Doors
AGALEG36 AGA Legacy 5 Gas Burner Ranges