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AGA Ranges & Ovens

AGA Ranges & Ovens
We sell AGA Appliances to CA residents only.
Owning a Six-Four Series offers you huge flexibility and freedom - both in terms of how you cook and where you position the cooker. Because it requires only a suitable gas and electricity supply, you can put it against practically any wall, install it in an island unit or even stand it alone. It's all about ease, it's all about living, it's all about you.
There are so many reasons for choosing a range cooker - particularly an Aga - that it's difficult to pinpoint them all. There's a permanence and confidence about something so solid and full of character. It makes a statement. It becomes a focal point for the home and the life within it.

AGA Legacy Ranges
AGA Two Oven Cooker
AGA Two Oven Companion Series
AGA Three Oven Cookers
AGA Four Oven Cooker
AGA Optional Accessories
AGA PRO Plus Series