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AH360-720 Gaggenau 48" Wall Mount Chimney Range Hood

AH360-720 Gaggenau 48" Wall Mount Chimney Range Hood


AH360720 Gaggenau 300 48" Wall Mount Chimney Range Hood with 560 CFM Internal Blower

Shipping Weight: 110 lbs
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    Coanda Effect
  • Two additional fans send airflow towards a cylinder that is positioned right at the front of the ventilator.
  • With an effect known from aerodynamics, the cylinder deflects the air so that it flows back over the cooktop towards the rear of the ventilator.
  • The backward airflow guides any steam or smoke directly towards the filter area of the ventilator, ensuring virtually perfect ventilation over the whole of the cooking area.
  • This Coanda effect greatly enhances the performance and efficiency of the AH 360 kitchen ventilator over traditional models.

    Three Power Levels Plus a Short Intensive Mode
  • Gaggenau's ventilators provide three standard power levels plus a special intensive mode.
  • The intensive mode boosts extraction for a short period of time (three, five or ten minutes depending on the ventilator model) to cope with operations like searing which generates large amounts of smoke or steam.
  • The ventilator returns to its previous power setting at the end of the intensive mode.
  • The AH 360 provides control knob operation.

    Stainless Steel Grease Filter
  • All Gaggenau ventilators use a grease filter to clean the captured air and keep the ventilator interior and air ducts free of unpleasant deposits.
  • The stainless steel filter is easy to remove and dishwasher safe.

    Filter Saturation Indicator
  • The filter saturation indicator lets you know as soon as the accumulated grease and residues on the filter begin to impair the efficiency of your ventilator.
  • When the indicator light on the control panel begins to flash, simply remove the practical stainless steel filter and put it in the dishwasher.

    Large Function Display
  • The large, easy to read digital display shows the power level selected.
  • Push buttons, one each for Intensive Mode, Delayed shut-off, Coanda Effect and Filter Reset, bring up additional functions.

    High Power Halogen Lighting
  • A shining example of their uncompromising standards, the AH 360 uses four 20W halogen lamps to provide optimal glare-free illumination of the entire cooktop.
  • The four lamps, which are arranged along the rear wall, give the strongest illumination available under a kitchen ventilator.
  • The intense halogen light of the AH 360 emits a similar color temperature to sunlight, which makes it very easy on the eyes.

    Delayed Shut-Off Function
  • Select this feature to continue kitchen ventilation after you finish cooking.
  • The ventilator will run at the selected power level for an extra ten minutes to catch any remaining vapor and leave the kitchen air absolutely clean.

    Universal Ventilation
  • Most Gaggenau ventilators and special ventilation systems can be used as both extraction and recirculation systems.
  • Both alternatives initially pass the contaminated air through a grease filter to keep the interior of the hood and the air ducts free of unpleasant deposits.
  • In the extraction configuration, the air is then expelled to the outside either via a ventilation shaft or directly through an exterior wall.
  • In the recirculation configuration, it passes through a built-in activated carbon filter to remove odors and then returns to the room.
  • The activated carbon filter typically requires changing twice a year; this is a very simple operation requiring no tools.
  • Width: 47 1/4"
  • Depth: 22 1/16"
  • Height: 19 15/16"