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ASKO Dryers

It all began in 1950 in Vara, Sweden, when Karl Erik Andersson received his first order for a washing machine, from his mother. The farmer, Karl Erik, thought about it carefully and produced a washing machine that didn't look like washing machines did in those days. Word of the revolutionary model spread and nothing's been the same since. Karl Erik built a small factory on the farm and started making washing machines full time. A few years later he built his first dishwasher and tumble dryer. Business gathered momentum and more and more dishwashers, washing machines and dryers left the door of the small factory in Vara. Today, there are around 1,000 employed at production plants in Sweden and Finland, and countless more in sales companies in 35 countries around the world. In 1987, they opened their office in North America and today they are proudly sold by the number one team of independent dealers and distributors in the appliance industry. They are well aware that they have customers all over the world, all of whom place high demands on design, function and care for the environment.

Asko Electric DryersT754W ASKO Family Size White Vented Dryer
T754T ASKO Family Size Titanium Vented Dryer
T794FI ASKO Fully Integrated Family Size Custom Panel Vented Dryer
T754CW Asko 24" Front Load White Electric Dryer
T884XLW ASKO 5.1 Cu.Ft. Freestanding Front Load White Electric Dryer