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ASKO Stainless Steel Vented Dryer, T731SS ($670 OFF)

ASKO Stainless Steel Vented Dryer, T731SS ($670 OFF)
Discountined Product


The perfect match for the ASKO W6461 washer, with SensiDry™ energy-saving program.

The T731 dryer is a perfect match for the W6461 EasyControl washer, with its matching control panel. Simply turn the dial to select a program. When you press an option button, the LED display will show you the setting for that option (for example, delayed start time). While the program is running, the LED will show the time remaining for the timed dry programs. The T731 is equipped with SensiDry technology to prevent over-drying and save energy by ending the dry cycle when the clothes are dry. This dryer also has an anti-crease program. The drum rotates periodically for up to two hours after the wash program is finished to help keep wrinkles from setting in.

When paired with an ASKO washer, it can be installed anywhere you have water, electricity, and outside venting - in a utility room, stacked in a closet, or under kitchen countertops.

Feature highlights:
• EasyControl™ provides easy access to drying programs and customizable options
• SensiDry™ measures moisture and humidity to prevent over-drying and reduce wrinkles
• Six drying programs: Automatic, Extra Dry, Dry, Normal Dry, and Iron Dry
• Timed Drying
• Air (Fluff) Drying
• Conventional mechanical and push button operation
• 20-year life expectancy
• Cleanable fan reduces need for service calls
• Butterfly Drying™ System that reduces wrinkles and extends motor life
• Large capacity, stainless steel drum also reduces wrinkles and won’t snag clothing
• Can be stacked with an ASKO washer
• Timed drying program (5-90 minutes)
• Double lint filter covers entire door
• Only needs one 220 V, 30 amp outlet like any standard US dryer
• Includes 220 V receptacle for ASKO washer

Dimensions: Height: 33-1/2" to 34-1/2"; Width: 23-7/16"; Depth: 24-7/16"

Quick Start Guide (PDF Format)

Shipping Weight: 109 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight