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ATCEEV3OS40 Aga Total Control 3 Electric Oven Cooker with EOC & Remote

ATCEEV3OS40 Aga Total Control 3 Electric Oven Cooker with EOC & Remote
ATCEEV3OS40 Aga Total Control 3 Electric Oven Cooker with EOC & RemoteATCEEV3OS40 Aga Total Control 3 Electric Oven Cooker with EOC & Remote


The AGA Total Control Range Cooker is a newly designed version of the classic icon of British cooking. Three radiant-heat cast iron ovens and two hotplates give you 10 delicious ways to cook in one range. Just imagine the ability to bake, roast, boil, simmer, and warm…all at the same time!

It's the perfect range for today's increasingly popular slow-cooked recipes. The ovens are controlled and programmed with a state-of-the-art touch screen panel and remote handset, for flexibility you won't find on any other cooking appliance.

Best of all, the AGA Total Control makes cooking simple and the results are amazing. Read on to learn why this incredible range will change the way you cook forever.

Why AGA Cooked Food Tastes Better
Cast iron, radiant-heat ovens are the secret: The cast iron ovens of the AGA Total Control are gentle on food and lock in moisture, flavor, and texture. The indirect radiant heat within the ovens comes from all surfaces simultaneously, and won't dry out food like typical range elements or flames. AGA ovens also eliminate "hot-spots", and cook evenly from all sides. And oven vents protect flavor, allowing you to cook different types of foods in the same oven.

Multiple Ovens with Huge Capacity
Total Control ovens are large, and because there are no elements or flames, all oven space can be used for cooking. The ingenious oven design allows you to grill at the top of the roasting oven, bake in the middle, and fry on the floor…all while simmering, boiling, or toasting on the hotplates! AGA cookware is specially designed with recessed lid handles so that saucepans can be stacked, making the AGA Total Control's capacity even more amazing.

Always at the Right Temperature
The AGA Total Control doesn't need temperature dials. Each oven and hotplate is pre-set to be at the perfect heat for the job, making cooking easy and uncomplicated. Like a chef's kitchen, each oven is named by its function - slow cooking, baking, and roasting. Each oven is controlled independently by the touch-screen control panel. There's no easier, or better, way to cook.

10 Cooking Methods
There's no food this amazing range cooker cannot prepare to perfection. No other range can accomplish so much with so little fuss.

  • Boil
  • Simmer
  • Grill
  • Stir Fry
  • Fry
  • Toast

  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Steam
  • Slow Cook

    The Boiling Plate
    Located on the left, the boiling plate is the hotter of the two at 626°F.

    The Simmering Plate
    Located on the right and the cooler of the two, the simmering plate delivers gentle heat for perfect sauces and soups.

    Touch-Screen Panel
    Discreetly housed behind the top left door, the touch-screen panel puts you in charge of how and when the range cooker is used.

    Each oven or hotplate can be operated individually in manual mode. Any zone selected will remain on until switched off.

    Slumber (Ovens Only)
    All three ovens are active and pre-set at a simmering heat, ideal for slow cooking. When the ovens are in slumber mode they take less time to reach full heat.

    Auto (Ovens Only)
    Brings selected ovens up to full heat from OFF when a program is set. The ovens can be selected to operate once or twice each day by setting the start and finish time of the cooking cycles.

    Auto Slumber (Ovens Only)
    Automatically brings the ovens up to full heat from slumber mode.

    Shipping Weight: 1000 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight