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B990 Miele Rotary Iron

B990 Miele Rotary Iron
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Sit and iron in comfort with the Miele rotary iron, a new dimension in ironing. This easy-to-use appliance has a wide roller that allows you to press everything from shirts and pants to bed linens and tablecloths, all with a crisp, professional finish. The electronically controlled roller speed can be adjusted to suit the type of laundry being pressed, and your own individual working speed. It is operated by a foot pedal, allowing you to sit while you iron. The Miele iron has maneuverable rollers for quick and effortless transportation, and folds away neatly for easy storage.

Perfect ironing technology
  • The 83 cm wide roller is ideal for the fast, smooth ironing of large items such as bed linen and tablecloths. The free roller end is particularly useful for ironing awkward items such as skirts, blouses and shirts as they can be fitted over the end without being folded.

    Safe operation
  • Ironing with the Miele rotary ironer is very safe thanks to the patented finger-guard. At the slightest touch, the roller will stop and the heater plate will lift away to prevent it from touching your fingers.

    Easy operation
  • The On-Off button and controls for roller speed and temperature are situated on the right hand side of the appliance. The roller is operated by a wide foot control bar which leaves your hands free to guide the laundry through smoothly.

    Temperature and roller speed control
  • The temperature is freely adjustable to suit the fabric being ironed and the heater plate is made of aluminum which gives excellent heat conduction. There is a choice of five roller speeds so you can choose the best speed to suit the item you are ironing, its dampness and your own working rhythm.

    Advanced fold mechanism for storage
  • When folded away for storage, the Miele rotary ironer takes up only a quarter of a square meter of floor space and the four rollers mean that it is very easy to move.

    Electrical Connection
  • 120 V
  • The appliance is supplied with a power cord and a NEMA 5-15P plug ready for connection to an AC single phase 120 V 60 Hz power supply. The fuse rating is 15 amps.

  • Height: 96 cm
  • Width: 98.5 cm
  • Depth: 38 cm
  • Height when folded: 105.5 cm
  • Width when folded: 50 cm

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