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Broan Trash Compactors

Broan Trash Compactors
No one really talks about it. The waste can under the kitchen sink. It�s a necessary evil, or so they say. But that all changes with a Broan Trash Compactor.

Broan has been designing these convenience appliances for nearly 40 years, refining the product while defining the category. And the result? A line of products that is the perfect complement to today�s high-style appliances, and environmentally-conscious homeowners. Broan Elite XE, Broan Elite and Broan trash compactors take convenience, hygiene and style to a new level.

Broan helps reduce your waste volume by up to 80%, and while that�s fewer steps to the garage, it�s also less volume at the curb, and a smaller bundle in the truck that hauls it away. And that�s when it all makes sense: if everybody reduced volume, fewer trips would be needed to the landfill, which means less fuel, less traffic, and a cleaner environment all the way around. Who would have thought it all started under the kitchen sink?

Almost everything normally placed in your kitchen garbage can be placed in a trash compactor, with the exception of paint, oil, aerosol cans and other such hazardous materials

Broan Elite White Trash Compactors15WH Broan 15'' Elite White Trash Compactor
15XEWH Broan 15'' Elite XE White Trash Compactor
Broan Elite Black Trash Compactors15BL Broan 15'' Elite Black Trash Compactor
15XEBL Broan 15'' Elite XE Black Trash Compactor
Broan Elite Stainless Steel Trash Compactors15SS Broan 15'' Elite Stainless Steel Trash Compactor
15XESSA Broan Elite XE 15" Automatic Compactor with Arched, Stainless Steel Door
15XESS Broan 15'' Elite XE Stainless Steel Trash Compactor
Broan Elite Custom Panel Trash Compactors15WT Broan 15'' Elite Custom Panel Trash Compactor
15XEWT Broan 15'' Elite XE Custom Panel Trash Compactor
Broan Elite Custom Tile Trash Compactors15TT Broan 15'' Elite Custom Tile Trash Compactor
15XETT Broan 15'' Elite XE Custom Tile Trash Compactor
Broan Trash Compactor Accessories
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Compactor Accessories
15TCBL Broan Black Compactor Bags
15TCOD Broan Odor Control Disk
15TCTK Broan Toe Kick Kit
15TCBB Broan Butcher Block Top