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Kuppersbusch Built-in Gas Cooktops

Kuppersbusch Built-in Gas Cooktops
Gas has always been the energy of choice in professional kitchens. And it’s the desired source of energy in today’s home kitchens, as well. It’s economical, and less harmful to the environment. But it’s the speed and controllability that gas has to offer that makes it so popular with cooking aficionados. The new built-in gas appliances from Küppersbusch deliver all of these benefits, together with high design standards and an ease of use resulting from our vast experience in the professional kitchen sector.

GMS955.1E Kuppersbusch 36" Stainless Steel Built-in Ceramic Gas Cooktop
GKS644.0M Kuppersbusch 24" Built-in Ceramic Gas Cooktop
GKS324.0M Kuppersbusch 12" Built-in Ceramic Gas Cooktop
Zub159 Kuppersbusch 3 Piece Cookware Set
Zub99793 Kuppersbusch Complete 9 Piece Cookware Set
Zub271 Kuppersbusch Joining Strip Stainless Steel
GKS 11742.0F-UL Kuppersbush Built-In Gas Cooktop
GKS3720.0M Kuppersbusch Built-In Gas Cooktop
GKS 6740.0M Kuppersbusch Built-In Gas Cooktop
GMS9551.0E Kuppersbusch Built-In Gas Cooktop