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Kuppersbusch Ceramic Induction Cooktops

Imagine a future where design is not just about form; but a process that integrates technology, function and aesthetic into a single thought. Today, at Küppersbusch, this process has been changed forever by the increased awareness of environmental concerns and a new appreciation for our natural resources and the impact that manufacturing has on the world around us.

EKI956.0M Kuppersbusch 36" Ceramic Induction Cooktop
EKI846.0M Kuppersbusch 32" Ceramic Induction Cooktop
EKI326.0M Kuppersbusch 12" Ceramic Induction Cooktop
EWI457.1M Kuppersbusch Ceramic Induction Wok Cooktop
EKI407.0M Kuppersbusch Induction Cooktop
EKI807.2M Kuppersbusch Induction Cooktop
EKI607.2M Kuppersbusch Induction Cooktop