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CSO24 Wolf 24" Convection Stainless Steel Steam Oven

CSO24 Wolf 24" Convection Stainless Steel Steam Oven
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Unique technology senses the amount, size, and shape of food once an automatic mode has been selected. While cooking, it monitors the time, temperature, and environment, eliminating all guesswork in the kitchen.

  • Interior Capacity 1.8 cu ft

  • 3800 W

    Electrical Requirements
  • 240/208 V AC 60 Hz, 20 amp circuit

    Power Cord
  • 6' cord with grounded plug

    Product Dimensions
  • Overall Width 23-1/2"
  • Overall Width with 30"
  • Trim 29-7/8"
  • Overall Height 17-7/8"
  • Overall Depth 22-9/16"
  • Interior Dimensions 17-7/8" W x 11" H x 15-3/4" D

  • Stainless steel with tubular handle.
  • Can be installed in a standard or flush inset application.
  • Stainless steel trim to match L series and E series ovens.
  • Convection with twelve cooking modes.
  • Four-level rack guides with two adjustable oven racks.
  • One perforated 17 3 /4" x 1" x 15" stainless steel pan.
  • One solid 17 3 /4" x 1" x 15" stainless steel pan.
  • Large viewing window and halogen interior lighting.
  • Temperature probe.
  • Water tank with lid.
  • Recipes mode.
  • Delayed start feature and descaling program.
  • Agency certified for US and Canada

    Benefits of Covection Steam
  • Moistness and flavor are retained so no additional oil, basting or sauces are necessary.
  • Vitamins, texture, shape, size and color are preserved.
  • Risks of overcooking are reduced and messy boilovers eliminated.
  • Breads, bagels, bakery and pastry can be proofed, baked and crisped with steam.
  • Meats defrost gently and evenly without any hot spots.
  • In Wolf gourmet mode, a sensor automatically adjusts cooking time to the type and amount of food being cooked.
  • Smart timer functions are like an extra pair of hands, cooking food that’s ready to serve when you need it.