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Dacor Appliances

Dacor Appliances
Dacor brings appliances handcrafted with detail and brimming with industry breaking ideas. We invite you to view all three of our distinct styles including the bold and beautiful commercial style of Epicure, the understated elegance and low profile design of Millennia, and the curve appeal only Preference can offer.

Dacor DishwashersRDW24S Dacor Renaissance 24" Stainless Steel Dishwasher
RDW24I Dacor Renaissance 24" Custom Panel Dishwasher
DDW24S Dacor Distinctive 24" Full Console Stainless Steel Dishwasher
Dacor RangetopsDacor Natural Gas Rangetops
Dacor Liquid Propane Rangetops
Dacor CooktopsDacor Gas Cooktops
Dacor Electric Cooktops
Dacor Cooktop Accessories
Dacor RangesDacor Natural Gas Ranges
Dacor Liquid Propane Ranges
Dacor Electric Range
Dacor Warming DrawersDacor Epicure Warming Drawers
Dacor Millennia Warming Drawers
Dacor Intergrated Warming Drawers
Dacor Distinctive Warming Drawers
Dacor Wall OvensDacor Single Wall Ovens
Dacor Double Wall Ovens
Dacor Oven Accessories
Dacor MicrowavesPCOR30B Dacor 1.1 Cu. Ft. Over The Range Black Microwave
PCOR30S Dacor 1.1 Cu. Ft. Over The Range Stainless Steel Microwave
MMD30B Dacor 1.0 Cu. Ft. Millennia Black no Handle Microwave In-A-Drawer
MMD30S Dacor 1.0 Cu. Ft. Millennia Stainless Steel no Handle
Microwave In-A-Drawer

MMDV30S Dacor 1.0 CF Millennia Vertical Black Glass no Handle with Stainless Steel Microwave In-A-Drawer
DMT2420BK Dacor 2.0 Cu. Ft. Black Microwave
DCM24B Dacor 1.5 Cu. Ft. Black Microwave
DCM24S Dacor 1.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Microwave
MMD24S Dacor 24'' Stainless Steel Microwave In-a-Drawer
MMD24B Dacor 24'' Black Microwave In-a-Drawer
DMW2420S Dacor Distinctive 24” Stainless Steel Microwave Oven
Dacor VentilationDacor Epicure Hoods
Dacor Preference Hoods
Dacor Millennia Hoods
Dacor Integrated Hoods
Dacor Distinctive Hoods
Dacor Discovery Hoods
Dacor Ventilation Accessories
Dacor RefrigerationDacor French Door Refrigerators
Dacor Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Dacor OutdoorDacor Outdoor Grills
Dacor Outdoor Grill Carts
Dacor Outdoor Accessories
Dacor AccessoriesASP10 Dacor Simmer Plate
AWR Dacor Wok Ring
AWDS24 Dacor Warming Oven Shelf
AER30BP Dacor Broiler Pan
ACCLKIT Dacor Coffee System Cleaning Kit
AHD7S-1 Dacor Signature Gourmet Cookware Collection
AGFS Dacor Outdoor Grill Fork
AEGR Dacor Searing Grill for Classic Epicure Ranges and Cooktops
ACFS Dacor Coffee Maker Flushing System
ABS16 Dacor Baking Stone
ACS183 Dacor Set of 3 Cookie Sheets (small oven)
ACS363 Dacor Set of 3 Cookie Sheets (large oven)
AEGR3648 Dacor Searing Grill
AG1424 Dacor Griddle
AORPVR Dacor Roaster Pan with V-Rack
ARGR36 Dacor GlideRack
ACS303 Dacor Set of 3 Cookie Sheets
AEGR30 Dacor 30" Searing Grill
AG30 Dacor Griddle for 30" Range
ARGR30 Dacor GlideRack for 30" and 60" Ranges
ADRT14 Dacor 14" Cast Aluminum Griddle
AGDRT14 Dacor Searing Grill for 30" Range and Cooktop
ARGO30 Dacor 30" Oven GlideRacks
AGDG14 Dacor Griddle for 14” Dacor Grates
AGRG14 Dacor Searing Grill for 30" Ranges
A302C Dacor 12 bottles/case Stainless Cleaner
ASBGHC24 Dacor Scratch-B-Gone Homeowners Kit, case of 24
ASBGHC8 Dacor Scratch-B-Gone Homeowners Kit, case of 8
AFF3 Dacor Water Filter
AFG36 Dacor Stainless Steel Top Grill
AFF5 Dacor Water Filter
AG13 Dacor Griddle 13” Grates
AGR1113 Dacor Searing Grill
ACS273 Dacor Set of 3 Cookie Sheets
ARGO27 Dacor 30" Oven GlideRack
AER36GGR Dacor Oven GlideRacks for Renaissance 36'' Gas Range
AG12 Dacor Griddle for Renaissance 36'' Gas Range
AGRG12 Dacor Searing Grill for Renaissance 36'' Gas Range
AO303CS Set of 3 Cookie Sheets for 30" Discovery Wall Ovens
AO273CS Dacor Set of 3 Cookie Sheets for 27" Discovery Wall Ovens
AO30RG Dacor GlideRack for 30” Discovery Wall Ovens
AO27RG Dacor GlideRack for 27” Discovery Wall Ovens
ARGO30H Dacor GlideRack with Pull Handle for Renaissance 30" Wall Ovens
ARGO36 Dacor GlideRack for 36” Epicure Wall Oven
ADRT12 Dacor Griddle for 12” Rangetop Grates
AGDRT12 Dacor Searing Grill for Distinctive Gas Rangetops
AG11 Dacor Griddle for 11” Dacor Grates
AMG11 Dacor Griddle for Bridge Elements Electric Cooktops