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ARG / A0 Dacor Glide Racks

ARG /  A0 Dacor Glide Racks
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Now you can cook with ease. Our fully extendable Oven GlideRackTM slides effortlessly, making it ideal for cooking with heavy roasters, baking stones, and cookie sheets. Place in desired position and enjoy easy loading and unloading even at extended lengths. One GlideRack ships with all Epicure ranges and ovens.

• ARGR36 For use with Epicure 48" and 36" ranges
• ARGR30 For use with 30" and 60" ranges
• ARGO36 For use with Epicure 36" Classic Wall Oven
• ARGO30 For use with Dacor 30" Classic Wall Ovens
• ARGO27 For use with Dacor 27" Classic Wall Ovens
• AO30RG For use with any Discovery 30" Dacor Wall Ovens
• AO27RG For use with any Discovery 27" Dacor Wall Ovens

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
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