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AG1 / AMG1 Dacor Griddles

AG1 / AMG1 Dacor Griddles
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From a hearty Sunday Brunch featuring fluffy hotcakes, sizzling bacon and golden eggs over-easy to late night cheese quesadillas and even pizzas, our non-stick griddles guarantee perfect results with your favorite comfort foods. Also excellent for searing chicken, fish and steaks. All griddles are made of scratch resistant cast aluminum and easy to clean finish.

• AG1424 Epicure ER36D and ER48D Ranges.
• AG11 Preference SGM304 & SGM365 Cooktops
• AG13 For PGM304, PGM365, SGM364, SGM466, SGM464GG Gas Cooktops, RSD Range
• AG14 For ERD60, ERD/E48, ERD30 and ESG Cooktops
• AG30 For ER30D and ERD30DSR
• AMG11 CERB365 or METB365 Bridge Element (Electric Cooktop)

Shipping Weight: 13 lbs
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