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IVS2/IVSR2 Dacor Integrated Ventilation Systems

IVS2/IVSR2 Dacor Integrated Ventilation Systems
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Consistent design is key to any great kitchen but at the same time a kitchen must remain functional. This is precisely why Dacor offers Integrated Ventilation Systems that function perfectly within your custom canopy hood while maintaining your unique kitchen design. Available in two sizes, IVS1 and IVS2 feature internal blowers while IVSR1 and IVSR2 use remote mounted blowers. Complement with our Integrated Hood Liners for a beautifully sealed and easy to maintain interior.

Product Specifications IVS/IVSR

Product Specifications In-Line Blowers

Product Specifications Remote Blowers

• Variable Blower Controls
• Halogen Lights
• Removable, Dishwasher Friendly Filters
• Internal Blower included 1200CFM (IVS2)
• Remote Blower required for IVSR2 model

Requirements Electrical 120V, 15A

• Overall Dimensions:
• Width: 34 1/2"
• Height: 6"
• Depth: 12 1/4"
• Weight: 32 lbs (IVS2)
• Weight: 24 lbs (IVSR2)