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C-24W DCS 24" Professional Wok Cooktop

C-24W DCS 24" Professional Wok Cooktop
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The DCS professional wok cooktop equipped with an ultra-powerful 30,000 BTU burner. Since a wok is a concave surface, when it is lit, a maximum amount of heat quickly distributes throughout the pan. This allows the stir-fry heat to come fast and constant. It keeps the vegetables from sticking to the pan. And seals the fresh vegetable flavor and essential natural nutrients in. A stainless steel stock-pot grate accessory (included) allows you to use the wok cooktop for oversized pots or pans.

• 30,000 BTU's burner
• Power: gas

Dimensions: 23-7/8"W x 23 7/8"H x 22-11/16"D

Shipping Weight: 90 lbs
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