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DD24DDFX6V2 Fisher & Paykel Standard Double Stainless Steel Flat Door DishDrawer

DD24DDFX6V2 Fisher & Paykel Standard Double Stainless Steel Flat Door DishDrawer


Years of research and refinement have created an appliance that offers a compelling blend of form and function. Each drawer is independently operated, allowing you to wash small loads as economically as large ones. DishDrawer lets you match the wash programme to the contents, so dishes are better cared for.

Shipping Weight: 119 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight

  • 2 Independent Drawers
  • Independent wash programs for separation of wash loads
  • 9 wash programs
  • Economical eco option
  • Flow through detergent dispenser
  • EnergyStar approved
  • Uses as little as 1.95 gallons of water per drawer
  • Rinse agent dispenser
  • Heating element in each drawer
  • 163 deg F temperature in final rinse

  • Flexible racking system
  • Energy saving, delay start option - up to 12 hours
  • Key lock and child lock option
  • Intelligent load sensing for optimum performance
  • Wash progress and time remaining display
  • Easy to use, primary and secondary (concealed) control panels with single touch programming
  • Rinse aid indicator light
  • Accommodates long stemmed wine glasses
  • Hold plates as large as 12 inches
  • DishDrawer complies with the American Disabilities Act height guidelines
  • Holds 6 place settings
  • Folding Tines
  • Interchangeable racks
  • Self diagnostics for servicing
  • End of cycle beeps
  • Three stage flood protection
  • Smart Drive intelligent technology
  • Flood protection built in

    Wash Programmes
  • Heavy
  • Delicate
  • Fast
  • Normal
  • Rinse
  • Heavy Eco
  • Normal Eco
  • Delicate Eco
  • Fast Eco
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions:
  • Height 32 1/4" - 34 5/8"
  • Width 23 7/16"
  • Depth 22 7/16