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DDP-5BL Diva de Provence 36" Induction Cooktop

DDP-5BL Diva de Provence 36" Induction Cooktop
DDP-5BL Diva de Provence 36" Induction CooktopDDP-5BL Diva de Provence 36" Induction Cooktop



Introducing the Diva Induction Cooktops. It began with extensive research in the laboratory, but soon we stepped into the top kitchens to work beside the best chefs of France and Europe. For three years, we studied them, cooked with them, asked them what they wanted if they could have the ideal induction cooktop.
Make no mistake. The Diva Induction Cooktops are the most powerful cooktops on the market. With an output of 50 to 2800 Watts, Prometheus would be jealous. With an efficiency of over 90%, compared to 50% for gas or even 60% for other electric technologies, induction heats faster using less energy.

The DDP-5 36” 5 burner induction cooktop delivers over 78,000 BTU’s of power. Its 5 burner design is unique and offers flexibility for both larger size cookware and placement. The auto-expandable center element will automatically adjust in size to accommodate cookware ranging in size from 4” to 11”. The DDP-5 is absolutely perfect and can easily accommodate three 14” pans and out power cooktops larger in size.

Style : Drop-in
Cooking Zones : 5
Total Power : 9600 W
Power Required : 240 V, 60 Hz, 2 Pole+G, 40 A
Cut-out Size : 900mm x 496mm x 160mm
Dimensions : 938mm x 518mm x 110mm

Shipping Weight: 65 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight