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DE62T27GW2 Fisher & Paykel 6.2 Cu.Ft. Smartload White Electric Dryer

DE62T27GW2 Fisher & Paykel 6.2 Cu.Ft. Smartload White Electric Dryer


SmartLoad - The world's first large capacity top loading dryer. The convenience of top access, automatic lint removal using a superfine filter and removable lint bucket, combined with reverse tumbling, high airflow and autosensing, makes SmartLoad the ultimate clothes dryer.

Features Large Capacity Top Loader 6.2 Cu. Ft.
  • The large dry load capacity matches their largest washer giving you the ability to transfer a complete load.

    Designed For Reliability
  • Easy To Clean

    3 Phase Induction Motor
  • Complete control over the speed and direction of the drum for catching and unlatching the drum door or slowing to reverse direction during drying.
  • The three phase induction motor has evolved from years of research and development spent on their Smart Drive motor technology.

    5 Dryness Settings
  • This allows you to control the amount of moisture left in clothes.

  • Allows the dryer to adjust drying time and heat control so garments are not subjected to heat or tumbling for any longer than necessary.

    Fabric Type
  • Just select the fabric type from Heavy, Mixed, Casual, Dry and Wear, Light and Air Dry and the machine does the rest.
  • Material types can then be autosensed for the optimum drying conditions.

    High Airflow Fan
  • Intuitive dyers feature a high airflow fan to ensure a faster drying process while keeping the overall heat lower to protect garments.

    Lint Bucket
  • The self cleaning lint filter continuously removes build-up and deposits it in a super capacity bucket. This provides the most efficient drying conditions at all stages of the cyle.

    Smart Loading Ergonomic Design
  • This dryer has been ergonomically designed with a wide opening to allow easy access to remove items, whilst giving a clear view of the drum so no items are missed.

    Stainless Drum
  • Durable materials resist scuffing, staining and scratching ensuring hygenic good looks throughout the products life.

    Shipping Weight: 160 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight

  • Large capacity top loader
  • Autosensing
  • Reverse tumbling to prevent tangling
  • Lint Bucket
  • Depth 27 9/16
  • Height 40 1/8 - 41 1/8
  • Width 27