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Detailed Features

Professional Features
  • Cooks up to 80% faster than a conventional oven
  • Easy-to-use interactive display
  • 240V electric
  • Manual and Automatic Speed Cooking
  • Automatic settings include:
    • 100 specific preprogrammed recipes with cookbook
    • 84 Basic Cook settings allows adaptation of recipes not in cookbook
    • 17 microwave options include: Popcorn, Reheat, Defrost and Cook
  • Manual settings include:
    • Speed/Grill Max heat (450F) + Max airflow; Auto Preheat
    • Speed/Roast Set at 325F, roasting times 33% to 50% faster than conventional ovens. No preheat necessary.
    • Speed/Bake From 100to 450F this setting is for more traditional baking. Reduces cooking times by 25% to 33%.
  • Help Features Include:
    • Child Lock
    • Sound Elimination
    • Auto Start Program oven to start at specific time
    • Refresh Cycle Smoke and odor removal
    • Demo Mode
    • Timer
Oven Cavity
  • 1.1 cubic ft. oven capacity
  • 13" diameter turntable
Interior lighting
  • Must be installed as a built-in using a built-in trim kit (sold separately)
Installation Options
  • Must be installed using a built-in trim kit (sold separately)
  • Built-in trim kits are designed to match with corresponding Viking products
    • VHTK275 27W. Built-in Trim Kit
    • VHTK305 30W. Built-in Trim Kit
    • VHTK365 36W. Built-in Trim Kit
Finish Option
  • Stainless Steel