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DFB450E Viking 24" Custom Panel Dishwasher

DFB450E Viking 24" Custom Panel Dishwasher
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Sturdi-Bilt Racks
  • Extendable nylon racks accommodate everything from tall wine glasses to casserole pans.

    Quiet Clean Performance Package
  • Multi-stage insulation, cushion-mounted components, and ultra-quiet three-phase motor, so quiet that only the blue LED power on light in the kick plate indicates that the cycle is running.

    AirFlo Gentle Drying
  • The heated fan-driven drying system gently circulates 30 CFM of warm air over, under, and around every dish in the racks.

    Sure-Temp Water Heating
  • The 1200-watt HydroFlo(TM) water heater delivers sanitizing strength and precision temperature control every time.

    Five-Stage Filtration and Waste Removal
  • A meticulous filtering and disposer system prevents redepositing of food particles to deliver spot free dishes. It even keeps itself clean.

    Central Intelligence System
  • The computerized command center monitors performance levels throughout the entire wash cycle, constantly optimizing water pressure and temperature.

    Vari-Pressure Intelli-Wash System
  • Instead of simply adjusting wash time, the Intelli-Wash system actually customizes water temperature, pressure, and speed for each load.

    Shipping Weight: 150 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight
    We Sell and Ship Viking Appliances to
    residencies within Southern California Only.

  • Vari-Pressure Intelli-Wash System - Exclusive
  • Adjusts water volumes and water pressure
  • Variable speed 1/2 horsepower commercial-type motor - Exclusive
  • Selective water delivery
  • Selective pressure delivery
  • More power with less energy consumption - the Scrubbing Power leader in dishwashers
  • Multi-level washing with two stainless steel wash arms
  • Largest and most powerful in industry
  • Flexible-Fluid Coupling is blockproof and provides a direct water feed - Exclusive
  • DishGuard protector prevents blockage from lower rack load/protects dishes
  • Automatic detergent dispenser
  • Automatic rinse agent dispenser - fill indicator and adjustable dosage control

    Central Intelligence System - Exclusive
  • Constant communication optimizes performance
  • Measures water temperature and water volume per cycle/option

    Five-stage filtration and waste removal system - Exclusive
  • Prevents redeposit of food particles to deliver spot free dishes
  • Removable coarse strainer
  • Triple-Clean filtration - Exclusive
  • Horizontal stainless steel fine mesh filter with 18 full force self-cleaning jets
  • Vertical stainless steel ultra-fine mesh filter
  • Small filter in sump assures 100% filtered water to wash arms
  • Ultra hard food waste disposer/motor/pump - Exclusive
  • Large stainless steel blade operates only when draining to minimize redeposition
  • Quieter and more efficient

    Sure-Temp water heating - Exclusive
  • Automatically heats water to appropriate/selected temperature, assuring excellent washing results
  • 1200-watt HydroFlo water heater
  • Operable with "cold" ground water (50°F)
  • AirFlo Gentle Drying - Exclusive
  • Gentle, effective, and safe heated fan-driven system delivers warm, gentle air over, under and around dishes
  • Fan, motor, low wattage heater and housing unit are located outside the tank
  • Dual ducting in door safely vents at bottom of door
  • Econo Dry Option

    Quiet Clean performance package
  • Engineered top to bottom for the quietest operation possible
  • Ultra-quiet three phase motor
  • Separate motor/pump assemblies for washing and draining
  • Multi-stage sound absorbing/heat retaining insulation
  • Switch-activated vent door opens only during drying for quieter operation
  • All key operating components cushion-mounted for quiet operation
  • Blue LED power on light in kickplate indicates cycle is operating

    "Load-As-You-Like" Sturdi-Bilt racks
  • Accommodates 15 international place settings of china in a single load
  • Fully useable and extendable nylon coated racks
  • Two-piece silverware/cutlery basket allows separate placement in various lower or upper rack locations
  • Lower Rack
  • 4 rows of one-piece 3-position fold-down tines
  • Roller Bearing Upper Rack
  • 3 rows of multi-position Hold-Tight dividers - Exclusive
  • 1 one-piece stemware cradle/cup shelf
  • 1 one-piece cup shelf
  • Overall width 23-7/8" (60.6 cm)
  • Overall height (from floor) 33-7/8" (86.0 cm) min. to 35" (89.0 cm) max.
  • Overall depth (from rear) to edge of side (includes door panel) 24" (61.0 cm)—includes door panel
  • Overall depth (from rear) with door open 49" (124.5 cm)