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DW324K1ABL Fulgor 24'' Black Tall Tub Dishwasher

DW324K1ABL Fulgor 24'' Black Tall Tub Dishwasher


Energy Guide Information
  • Estimated annual power consumption: 313 kWh

    Shown in Stainless Steel

    MULTI BLADE HARD FOOD GRINDER is a superior cleaning technology, providing the hassle-free ability to take plates directly from the table to the dishwasher—without wasteful pre-rinsing. The hard food grinder eliminates the need for messy filters to clean after every washing cycle, as required by many competitors. There’s also no need to worry about food re-deposition during future cycles, giving peace of mind for a clean presentation every time.

    SENSOR WASH determines the amount of soil left on dishes during every wash. All Fulgor dishwashers are equipped with an advanced sensor wash. This leads to optimum cleaning and energy efficiency. In all cycles except the Rinse Only cycle, the sensor wash determines the amount of soil and automatically adjusts the length of the wash cycle and number of drains necessary to get your dishes perfectly clean.

    FIVE-LEVEL WASH SYSTEM combines three powerful wash arms to spray from calculated angles and scrub dishes clean in even the hardest to reach areas. This system even includes wash jets on the lower arm to continually clean the filtration screen throughout the cycle. With five levels of precision scouring, Fulgor dishwashers ensure a complete clean, every time.

    ENERGY STAR COMPLIANT- All Fulgor dishwashers exceed Energy Star requirements for reduced energy consumption. We're partnering together for a better tomorrow.

    ULTRA QUIET SOUND INSULATION- With a sound rating as low as 54 dBA, you get ultra quiet operation while thoroughly cleaning dishes with our sensor wash and multi blade food grinder.

    Shipping Weight: 135 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight

  • OVER ALL DIMENSIONS (TO DOOR PANEL) DEPTH X HEIGHT X WIDTH : 24-1/2" x 33-7/8 to 34-1/2" x 23-7/8"
  • OVER ALL DIMENSION (W/ CONSOLE OR HANDLE) D X H X W : 24-7/8" x 33-7/8 to 34-1/2" x 23-7/8"