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E24WC160ES Electrolux ICON Freestanding Absorption Wine Cellar

E24WC160ES Electrolux ICON Freestanding Absorption Wine Cellar


160-Bottle Capacity
• The large interior of the Absorption Wine Cellar has a 160-bottle
capacity but consumes only as much kitchen space as a refrigerator.

Exclusive Absorption Cooling System
• The absorption principle is a chemical process.
• It requires no motor or compressor so operation is completely silent
and vibration free.

Charcoal Filter
• The charcoal filtration system keeps the air inside the wine cellar fresh
and odor free.
• The long-lasting filter requires replacement every twenty-four months.

Digital Temperature Control
• The digital temperature control allows you to set and change the temperature within a range of
46º F (8º C) to 64º F (18º C) depending on your personal preference.

Tinted, Thermal, UV-Resistant Glass Door
• The tinted glass door blocks harmful ultraviolet light while allowing an unobstructed view of your
wine collection.

Detailed information & Specifications

Shipping Weight: 220 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight