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E15IM60GSS Electrolux ICON Stainless Steel Ice Maker

E15IM60GSS Electrolux ICON Stainless Steel Ice Maker
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Crystal Clear Ice
• Continuous flowing water where ice is formed, allows impurities to be separated from the water leaving ice free of odors, minerals and contaminants
• Thirty-two, 7/8" cubes of crystal clear ice are produced per freeze cycle, up to sixty pounds per day

Digitally Controlled
•Simple-to-use digital controls for consistent ice production throughout the day or night

Thirty-Pound Storage Capacity
  • The large capacity storage bin holds up to thirty pounds of restaurant-quality ice cubes.

    Frost-Free Performance
    • The Electrolux ICON Ice Maker is completely frost free
    • So you’ll never have to defrost

    • Gravity-assisted drain pump required (drain pump kit available)