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1950 Elmira Northstar Retro Refrigerator

1950 Elmira Northstar Retro Refrigerator
Discountined Product
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  • Energy Guide Rating (KwH/yr.) 448

    Northstar refrigerators come in nine cool retro colors - White, Bisque, Black, Quicksilver, Robin's Egg Blue, Flamingo Pink, Mint Green, Buttercup Yellow, and Candy Red. Northstar appliances feature enamel finishes. These paints are durable and long-wearing, but care should be taken to avoid scratches. Polish with a soft cloth and window cleaner as required. Do not use abrasive cleansers on painted surfaces.

    Available Colors:

    White, Bisque, Robin's Egg Blue, Mint Green, Flamingo Pink

    Candy Red, Buttercup Yellow, Black, Quicksilver, Avocado

    Specifications, Inside View

    Elmira Stove Works exclusively uses DuPont Imron 6000 finishes on all custom colored Northstar Products. Imron 6000 is one of the most durable automotive finishes available today. If you are choosing a Custom Color, we ask that you locate your nearest DuPont "Jobber" (The people that supply auto body shops with their DuPont paint.) You will be able to look at stock colors in their catalogs, or get creative and mix colors to suit your taste... from mild to wild! The possibilities are almost endless. Once you have determined your Imron 6000 color, pass the code on to your Northstar Dealer when placing your order and we will do the rest.

    Special order. No Cancellation. Lead time: 6-9 weeks
    We sell and ship this item to CA, NV, OR and AZ only