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EV933651 Everpure 12 Gallon Surge Tank for HSD-440P

EV933651 Everpure 12 Gallon Surge Tank for HSD-440P

Model#: EV933651


12 Gallon Surge Tank
  • The EV9336-51 surge tank provides a 12-gallon reserve of filtered water to
  • handle high volume/peak demand periods.
  • The EverPure EV9336-51 high capacity holding tank helps extend the life of filter cartridges.
  • The Everpure EV9336-51 surge (accumulator) tank is a prepressurized, diaphragm-type tank designed to provide filtered water to a high flow, high volume fountain machine during peak periods when increased gallons per minute (GPM) and pounds per square inch (PSI) requirements are demanded.
  • The EV933651 extra capacity surge tank assures a 12 gallon reserve of filtered water during peak demands.
  • The Everpure Extra Capacity Tank includes pre-charged lined tank, connection fittings, hose and shut-off valve.
  • The Everpure EV9336-51 is a simple addition to existing systems.

    Shipping Weight: 30 lbs
    Shipping Method: