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WI-MAX800 MAXPRO 800 Replacement Cartridge (Old # MAX800)

WI-MAX800 MAXPRO 800 Replacement Cartridge (Old # MAX800)


Old Part # MAX800

MaxPro 800 in line water filter has been specifically created to remove fluoride. This additive is now being added to many water supplies because of an E.P.A. mandate, but it is also a concern of many people who do not want to ingest fluoride. The filter media (activated aluminum oxide) comes to us from Selecto Scientific and is an E.P.A. approved method of removing fluoride from drinking water. Note that the MaxPro 800 does not remove any off tastes and odors, nor provide any particulate filtration. To address those concerns in drinking water another filter will need to be added to your recommendation. The MaxPro 800 is packaged the same as the MaxPro 400. Also note that this product is not NSF listed. Product is warranted to be free from any defects in workmanship or materials for one year.

Shipping Weight: 2 lb
Shipping Method: UPS