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Theirs is a solid group with a great team spirit. The art of ventilation has been synonymous with Faber since 1955 and continues its journey throughout the world. Just think - they have so far installed more than 20 million units. This is why they are increasing their industrial presence in individual countries with the support of a system of commercial companies - which mean that they can operate in any part of the world. In this way, their participation in or the purchase of other companies in the sector increases - as in the case of the prestigious Roblin. Faber acts on a local level to influence the global market.

630003952 Faber Inca Pro 30'' Stainless Steel Remote BlowerBuilt-in Hood
630001084 Faber Inca Pro 30'' Internal Blower Stainless Built-in Hood
630003953 Faber Inca Pro 38'' Remote Blower Stainless Built-in Hood
630001175 Faber Inca Pro 38'' Internal Blower Stainless Built-in Hood
5974890 Faber Inca Smart 28'' Gray Built-in Hood
630006288 Faber Inca Smart 28'' Stainless Built-in Hood
630002752 Faber Inca HC SS 29'' Stainless Built-in Hood