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FG01AMG Fuego Freestanding Gas Grill

FG01AMG Fuego Freestanding Gas Grill
Infrared Drawer:  Charcoal Drawer:  Cooking lid:  Outdoor Cover:  Conversion Kit:  Griddle:  Tray:  Spice Jar:  Beverage Bucket:  Holder: 


  • Patented quick change drawer system:Beneath the cast iron grilling of Fuego 01 is a patented quick-change drawer system that gives you the freedom to switch from gas to charcoal cooking.The gas function incorporates the latest in infrared burner technology.
  • Multiple fuel options
  • Fully retractable weather lid
  • Teak and slate countertops with hidden storage
  • Modular accessory system: Geometric slots cut into stainless steel provide the ultimate in functionality, allowing you to peg optional accessories onto the side panels such as stackable food trays,spice jars, a paper towel holder and more
  • Two sliding drawers for propane tank and storage
  • Built-in residue trays
  • Battery ignition
  • Built-in wheels for easy mobility
  • Wheel brake
  • Retractable Lid: Fuego has a fully retractable lid that glides into and out of the grill with ease, cleverly doing away with social barriers in seconds flat

    Burner options
  • 2 standard gas drawers 37,000 BTU/hr.
  • Optional infared drawer 18,500 BTU/hr.
  • Optional charcoal drawer
  • Natural gas conversion kit available

  • Refresh Kit comes with: Quick Change Gas Burner Drawers, Diffuser Panels, Cast Iron Grate Frames, Cast Iron Grates, Cast Iron Center Ventilation Piece

  • Basic Refresh Kit comes with:Cast Iron Grate Frames, Cast Iron Grates, Cast Iron Center Ventilation Piece

    Shipping Weight: 230 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight