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Fisher & Paykel Cooktops

Fisher & Paykel Cooktops
Cooking is as much an art as it is a science. Fisher & Paykel cooktops deliver both disciplines in equal measure. Fisher & Paykel 36" cooktops are an elegant solution for the busy kitchen, giving you a large and flexible cooking surface. Each cooktop incorporates five burners and a continuous surface to accommodate multiple tasks needed for one meal. The heavy commercial stainless steel surface ensures years of satisfaction and durability. The unique design of Fisher&Paykel cooktops, with their shallow cutout depths, provide more usable space in the kitchen allowing you to install an oven directly underneath. Each cooktop offers a sealed cooking surface with a large spill area.

CE365DBX1 Fisher & Paykel 36" Stainless Steel Ceramic Cooktop
CG365CWACX1 Fisher & Paykel 36" Gas Cooktop
CG365DWACX1 Fisher & Paykel 36" Gas Cooktop
CG365DNGX1 Fisher & Paykel 36" Natural Gas Stainless Steel Cooktop
CG365DLPX1 Fisher & Paykel 36" Liquid Propane Stainless Steel Cooktop
CI365DTB1 Fisher & Paykel 36" Induction Black Cooktop With Black Glass
CG363MLNGB1 Fisher & Paykel IZONA 36'' Black Shallow Depth CookSurface
CG363MLDNGB1 Fisher & Paykel IZONA 36'' Black Standard Depth CookSurface