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Franke Accessories

Franke Accessories
From food preparation to cleanup, the amount of time you spend at your sink, and your enjoyment of it, can be influenced by your accessory options. Franke accessories, made from the finest materials, are custom fitted and color coordinated to all sink lines. They are multifunctional and work in harmony with all of Franke's faucets and deck accessories. After you've worked with them, you'll wonder what you did without them. Choose from a selection of chromed wall racks, soap/lotion dispensers and tight-sealing strainer baskets with pop-up systems for deck control. In all Franke colors.

Franke Grid Drainers
Franke Colanders
Franke Drain Baskets
Franke Cutting Boards
Franke Drain Trays
Franke Strainer Baskets
Franke Soap/Lotion Dispensers
Franke Miscellaneous Products
Franke Waste Bins
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Franke Air Switches
Franke Rail System Accessories