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GE Monogram Electric Cooktops

GE Monogram Electric Cooktops
When it comes to gourmet cooking, timing is everything. A few seconds can mean the difference between luscious, creamy risotto and rice soup. The new Monogram digital cooktop helps you make these distinctions beautifully. It's the only electric radiant cooktop to offer both fast heat-up and cool-down. The Monogram digital cooktop not only enhances your kitchen's capabilities, but it also enhances it's appearance.
If you're a "hands-on" cook who likes the traditional feel of tangible controls, these electirc cooktops with five burners will appeal to you. The five-burner cooktops offer smooth-shaped control knobs clustered in the center for ease of use.Monogram cooktops are available with an all white or all black survace. Monogram also offeres a version with a gleaming black surface trimmed in sleek stainless steel.

ZEU36KSKSS GE Monogram 36" Electric Stainless Steel Cooktop
ZEU36RSFSS GE Monogram 36" Electric Stainless Steel Cooktop
ZEU30RSFSS GE Monogram 30" Electric Stainless Steel Cooktop