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GE Monogram Chillers

GE Monogram ChillersGE Monogram Chillers
The Monogram® wine chiller has adjustable temperature settings from the low 40s to mid 60s Fahrenheit. Seven full-width shelves store up to 50 wine or champagne bottles, holding them in a state of reclining composure. The Monogram beverage center makes an ideal companion to the wine chiller or a great addition by itself. Accommodating all kinds of beverage containers, including cans, quart bottles and two-liter bottles, it also holds 14 reclining wine bottles.

ZDWC240NBS GE Monogram 24" Wine Chiller
ZDBC240NBS GE Monogram 24" Beverage Chiller
ZDWR240PBS GE Monogram 24" Wine Chiller
ZDBR240PBS GE Monogram 24" Beverage Chiller
ZDWT240PBS GE Monogram Wine Reserve
ZDBI240WII GE Monogram Beverage Center
ZDWI240W GE Monogram 57 Bottle Wine Reserve