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GLD4500RWW GE Tall Tub Built-In White Dishwasher

GLD4500RWW GE Tall Tub Built-In White Dishwasher


PureClean wash system with 5-stage filtration
  • A 5-stage filtration system continuously pushes soils through multiple levels of filtration to ensure that grit will not redeposit on the freshly cleaned dishware. The PureClean wash system also features seven additional wash jets to thoroughly cleaning dishware, while a new middle wash arm is dedicated strictly to silverware PureClean wash system with 5-stage filtration Multiple filtration levels ensure clean dishes

    ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • ENERGY STAR® is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, GE has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR® Qualified Meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings

    China/ Crystal cycle
  • This cycle protects lightly soiled china and delicate dishware by lowering the wash and rinse temperatures. China/ Crystal cycle Lower temperatures are ideal for china and delicate dishware

    Electronic controls with 4 cycles/4 options
  • Make it easy to select from a wide range of wash cycles. Electronic controls with 4 cycles/4 options Modern controls make it easy to program the dishwasher

    2/4-Hour Delay Start
  • Makes it easier than ever to wash dishes at any hour, washing dishes even when the family's asleep

    QuietPower™57 sound package - 57 dBA
  • Dramatically reduces the sound of washing the dishes to 57 dBA with a quiet motor and insulation behind the door. Sound package components include: BrilliantClean™ wash system, QuietPower™ motor, quiet water valve, an insulation blanket, quiet drain pump, toe kick insulation and door mastic. QuietPower™57 sound package - 57 dBA Advanced materials reduce the sound level to just 57 dBA

    Shipping Weight: 100 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight

  • Style Built-In
  • Tub and Door Liner PermaTuf®
  • Tub Type Tall Tub
  • Control Type Electronic
  • 9 Touchpads
  • Front Controls
  • Dishwasher Control Features 1 "Clean" Cycle
  • Progress Indicator
  • Start / Cancel / Reset Pad
  • Last Cycle Memory
  • Audible End-of-Cycle Signal
  • Wash System 6-Level
  • Wash System Features Dual Pumps and Motors
  • Piranha™ Hard Food Disposer
  • Wash Arms 3-Direct Feed
  • Lower
  • Middle
  • Upper
  • Water Filtration System 100% 5-Stage Filtration with ExtraFine™ Filter
  • Dispenser Rinse Aid with Indicator and Adjustment
  • Number of Cycles 4
  • Dishwasher Cycles Normal Wash
  • Rinse Only
  • Heavy Wash
  • China / Crystal
  • Number of Options 4
  • Dishwasher Options Delay Start 2/4 Hr.
  • HotStart™
  • Heated Dry On/Off
  • Hi-Temp Wash
  • Rack Features 1 Piece Silverware Basket with 3
  • Cell Covers
  • Racking System Towerless
  • Number of Place Settings Up to 15
  • Upper Rack Removable
  • Lower Rack Towerless
  • Dishwasher Drying Features Multi-Wattage Calrod Heater
  • Convection Dry
  • Exterior Style Traditional
  • Latch Squeeze
  • Leveling System Leveling Screws

  • Quiet Package QuietPower™ 57
  • Quiet Features Sealed Toe Kick
  • Quiet Water Valve
  • Motor Type QuietPower™ Motor
  • Outer Wrap Insulation Blanket
  • Door Insulation Mastic
  • Overall Height 33 3/4 in
  • Height w/Legs Extended (in.) 35
  • Overall Depth 25 in
  • Overall Width 24 in

  • Calrod Heater Watts Multi-Wattage
  • Volts/Hertz/Amps 120v; 60Hz; 9.9A
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