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IFA-80BN Fagor Bonita 30" Induction Grey Cooktop with 4 Zones

IFA-80BN Fagor Bonita 30" Induction Grey Cooktop with 4 Zones
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Amazing Design
The Bonita Grey induction was designed to give countertops seamless integration while setting the overall tone for a fully unified kitchen. Beautifully designed, it blends into most counter spaces allowing for the continuation of a sleek and modern kitchen environment with an efficient focus.

The Most Efficient Way to Cook!
Induction cooktops utilize 90% of the energy produced compared to 50% used by other cooking methods. Induction recognizes the base of the cookware and directly heats only the diameter of the pot, so very little energy is wasted… saving you money while remaining eco-friendly.

Rapid Cooking Precision at Your Fingertips
FAGOR induction cooktops are equipped with sleek touch controls and are easy to operate. For precise cooking needs, you can select from 12 cooking settings. Three quick launch commands allow you to select a low, medium or high temperature with a simple touch. Power varies from 50 to 3600W, for a premium cooking performance.

Extremely Durable Ceramic Glass Top For a Cooler Kitchen
FAGOR induction cooktops’ glass surface is very resistant to heat variations. Since the glass top doesn’t conduct heat, cooking with FAGOR induction cooktops allow you to keep your kitchen cooler. Easy to mantain. The cool cooktop prevents spills from baking onto the surface making clean up a breeze!

8-Point Safety System
  • Overflow Safety: Deactivates the cooktop if food is spilled over the touch controls.
  • Anti-Overheating: Disables temperature at 575ºF, so oil and other elements can't catch fire.
  • Low Voltage Detection: A signal on the keyboard informs you about a problem of low voltage on its electrical network.
  • Improper Connection Protection: In case of improper electrical connection, the cooktop is automatically protected.
  • Small Utensil Safety: Surface will not activate unless the pan placed on the cooktop is at least 5" in diameter.
  • Cookware Detection: The cooktop will switch off automatically if no cookware is placed on it within one minute.
  • Self-Adjust Burners: Induction cooktops can detect the size of the cookware on the burners and automatically adjust.
  • Over Voltage Detection: A safety system automatically disables the cooktop in case of over voltage to protect the electronic boards.

    Cooking Versatility
    FAGOR's 30" induction cooktop is equipped with four high efficiency induction elements to offer maximum flexibility. Elements will not activate unless detecting induction ready cookware. Cooking zones automatically adjust energy output to suit the diameter of the cookware.

  • Product Features
  • 30" Induction Cooktop
  • Bonita Grey color blends into most counter spaces
  • Color match to Pantone 402C
  • Model no. IFA-80 BN
  • New Beveled Edge
  • New Space Saving Casing
  • 4 cooking zones
  • 30 Amps
  • Power range: 50W-2800W
  • Total power: 7.2 kW
  • 8-point safety system
  • 12 cooking settings plus 3 quick launch settings
  • Illuminated touch controls - (6: Medium, 10: High, 12: Maximum)
  • Extremely durable SCHOTT CERAN glass surface
  • New ventilation system
  • Flush installation design
  • Product Dimensions
  • Width 31-1/8"
  • Depth 20-3/8"
  • Height 2-1/2"

    Dimensions of Heating Areas
  • Center Front 6-1/2"
  • Center Back 7"
  • Right 9"
  • Left 9"

    Power of Heating Areas
  • Total power (kW): 7.2
  • Voltage / Frequency (V / Hz): 220-240 / 60
  • Amperage (Amps): 30