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IS2342SQ 42" Island Mount Chimney Range Hood Stainless Steel

IS2342SQ 42" Island Mount Chimney Range Hood Stainless Steel
IS2342SQ 42" Island Mount Chimney Range Hood Stainless SteelIS2342SQ 42" Island Mount Chimney Range Hood Stainless Steel
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Price includes standard duct cover. Item no.: IS123DC

  • At 330 cfm, this unique feature allows the KOBE range hood to operate at a reduced sound level of 42 decibels (1.2 sone). Other hoods operate between 6 to 8 sones at a comparable cfm level.
Powerful Twin Motors
  • QuietMode - 330 cfm (1.2 sone)
  • Low Speed - 480 cfm (3.0 sones)
  • Medium Speed - 600 cfm (4.5 sones)
  • High Speed - 760 cfm (4.8 sones)
Top Exhaust Venting
  • 6" Round exhaust is compatible with existing duct work.
Attractive Appearance
  • The 18-Gauge frame and seamless design allow the hood to be installed over any cooking system.
Time Delay Controls
  • The Time Delay System features a 10-second standby startup and a 30-second delay shutoff (1 push On/Off) or immediately shutdown (2 push On/Off).
Four Speed Control
  • This model has a four-button control panel - Light, Speed button (cycles through Low, Medium, High, & QuietModeTM, alternate Speed button (cycles through Low, QuietModeTM, High, & Medium) and On/Off.
Bright Halogen Lights
  • This remarkable hood comes with four bright 12-volt 20-watt halogen lights.
Easy to Clean
  • KOBE's unique design, which includes easy to empty catch areas and smooth hood surface, lets you clean the fans without disassembling the hood.
No Filter Needed
  • Two oil containers - one attached to each safety screen under the fan/impeller. Easy to empty and clean.
  • Parts are checked for defects and designed for trouble free long term use.
Easy to Install
  • Our special design makes installation fast and easy.

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  • W x D x H - 41-3/4" x 27" x 7"