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Jenn-Air Cooktops

Jenn-Air Cooktops
It looks so simple. So streamlined. So completely integrated into the heart of your kitchen, you hardly know it's there. Until it's time to begin cooking, of course. Then, the true nature of your Jenn-Air cooktop is revealed. Daring. Distinctive. And more than a little surprising. To create a customized cooking system, choose one of Jenn-Air modular cooktops, which allows you to switch from grill to griddle to burner in seconds.

When design flexibility is a top priority, consider a downdraft ventilation cooktop. Downdraft ventilation makes it possible to position your cooktop wherever you like, including a kitchen island or peninsular, without the visual distraction of an overhead hood. And when it comes to styling, Jenn-Air Pro-Style, Expression Collection, or Designer Line cooktops are sure to create a lasting impression.

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Jenn-Air Electric White Cooktops
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