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Jenn-Air Ranges

Jenn-Air Ranges
Hard to believe that something this sensible, could be this surprising. Jenn-Air ranges balance consistent cooking performance with the versatility essential to a modern kitchen. Jenn-Air downdraft range with a glass-ceramic radiant surface is the perfect example. This exclusive Jenn-Air design combines the advantages of downdraft ventilation with the beauty of a frameless glass-ceramic surface. If you would like to customize your cooktop, choose the flexibility of a dowmdraft modular range that allows you to vary your cooking method depending on the evening's menu.

When it comes to baking and roasting, you'll find that Jenn-Air convection technology cooks foods to perfection every time. And unexpected options, like Jenn-Air dehydration feature, let you explore your creative side by easily drying fruits, herbs, vegetables, or flowers, at home.

Jenn-Air Gas RangesJenn-Air Gas Stainless Steel Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Gas RangesJenn-Air Slide-In Gas White Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Gas Black Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Gas Stainless Steel Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Electric RangesJenn-Air Slide-In Electric Black Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Electric White Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Electric Stainless Steel Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Downdraft RangesJenn-Air Slide-In Downdraft Stainless Steel Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Downdraft Black Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Downdraft White Ranges
Jenn-Air Slide-In Downdraft Oiled Bronze Ranges
Jenn-Air Dual Fuel RangesJenn-Air Dual Fuel Black Ranges
Jenn-Air Dual Fuel White Ranges
Jenn-Air Dual Fuel Stainless Steel Ranges