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JGP963BEKBB GE 36" Profile Gas Black Cooktop

JGP963BEKBB GE 36" Profile Gas Black Cooktop


  • Deep-recessed cooktop Deep-recessed cooktop contains spills in one area that’s easy to wipe clean
  • Sealed Cooktop Burners Designed to eliminate the gap between the burner element and the cooktop. This helps contains food and spills on the surface for quick, wipe-away cleaning. Plus, the burner cap is removable or cleaning at the sink.
  • Sealed cooktop burners Burner elements are sealed to the cooktop to keep foods and liquid contained on the cooktop, making cleaning painless
  • PowerBoil™ Burner Delivers 15,000 BTUs of forceful heat for rapid boiling
  • High Output Burner This cooktop heating element delivers 12,000 (or 11,000) BTUs for efficient heat-up to sauté, fry and boil.
  • High output burner This 12,000 (or 11,000) BTU burner element provides the high heat ideal for frying or sautéing and fast heat-up
  • Precise Simmer Burner The burner is rated at 5,000 BTUs for general cooking tasks using a small pan, and it turns down to a very low 140° for warming foods, melting butter or chocolate or making delicate sauces.
  • Precise simmer burner Simmer burners allows for low, even heat distribution that is ideal delicate foods and sauces
  • Continuous Grates Grates that span the entire width of the cooktop and provide a flat, sturdy surface allowing easy movement of pans between burners.
  • Continuous grates Cooktop grates provide a study, uninterrupted surface that allows pots and pans to move easily

    Shipping Weight: 80 lb
    Shipping Method:

    • Cooktop Surface: Deep Porcelain-Enamel
    • Cooktop Burners: 5 Sealed
    • Maximum Plus Burner 15000 BTU
    • Precise Simmer Burner
    • Electronic Pilotless Ignition
    • Continuous Deluxe Cast Cooktop Grates
    • Dishwasher Safe Grates
  • Cabinet Width 36 in
  • Overall Height 3 3/16 in
  • Overall Width 36 in
  • Overall Depth 21 in
  • Cutout Dimensions (Width x Depth) (In.) 33-7/8 x 19-1/8

    • Electrical Requirements:
    • Volts; Hertz; Amps: 120V; 60Hz; 5A
    • Burner BTU Ratings: (000's/BTU)
    • Natural Gas: (1) 15.0; (1) 11.0; (1) 9.5; (2) 5.0
    • LP Gas: (1) 13.0; (1) 10.0; (1) 9.1; (2) 5.0
  • Use & Care Guide for JGP963BEKBB