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KB-36RM Franke Tubular Bottom Roller Mat

KB-36RM Franke Tubular Bottom Roller Mat
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  • The New Franke Roller Mat... a truly innovative and practical accessory ideal for any Kitchen task.

  • Place the Roller Mat on top of the Mythos drain board and dry your dishes, vegetables etc. The Mat raises the surface area allowing air to flow under and help dry your items faster. This feature can be used with the following Franke Mythos models: MTX 611, MTX 611-LH, MTX 651, MTX 651-LH, MTX 661, MTX 661-LH.

  • The Roller Mat can also be used on top of the bowl for the Mythos Series Sinks, as well as the Ultra Magnum Kubus, KBX720. The mat sits on a ledge around the bowl allowing you to use this area as an additional work surface or to drain dishes, vegetables, etc. The following Kubus Series Sinks will also allow the rolling mat to fit on top of the sink ledge: KBX110-21, KBX120-39, KBX120-43, KBX160, KBX104-18. (Accessory will only work if you use the designated cutout template.)

  • Position the Roller Mat on the bottom of your Franke sink bowl creating a protective layer. This feature can be used with the following Franke models: GNX110-28, PSX110-19-9, PSX110-30-9, PSX110-19-12, PSX110-30-12.

  • Since the Roller Mat is constructed of Stainless Steel rods it can be used as a Hot plate when placed on a countertop.

  • Width: 16 5/8":
  • Length: 18 1/2":

    Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
    Shipping Method: