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ENERGY STAR Qualified Dishwasher

  • Reduce energy consumption by at least 25%.
  • Costs less than washing dishes by hand.
  • Help save you money while contributing to resource conservation.

  • The Fully Integrated Console Design
  • Features a sleek design that will blend into any kitchen with hidden controls and the Architect II Series design and handle.

  • ProScrub Option
  • Uses 36 powerful spray jets in the back of the dishwasher to deliver targeted cleaning for stubborn messes.

  • Four Stainless Steel Wash Arms
  • Sprays water to ten precisely angled locations to clean dishes 25% better than the competition.

  • Adjustable Upper Rack
  • Can be raised or lowered two inches, providing flexibility in cleaning various-sized dishes.

  • 4-Blade Food Disposer
  • Eliminates the need for pre-rinsing by grinding down food particles so they can be washed away.

  • Optimum Wash Sensor
  • Adjusts the wash cycle to specific water conditions for maximum cleaning efficiency and performance.

  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Retains heat for better drying performance while resisting wear over time.

  • Dedicated Heating Element with Heat Dry Option
  • Heats the tub at the end of the cycle to dry dishes 44% better than the competition.

  • Whisper Quiet Sound Insulation System (51 dBA*)
  • Is quieter than the average conversation - *Per IEC standards, Normal cycle.

  • NSF Certification