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Kuppersbusch Hoods

Kuppersbusch Hoods
Your perfect kitchen deserves the perfect ventilation system. And Küppersbusch has designed one that will keep your atmosphere free from unpleasant odors and airborne particles that can result from cooking. Küppersbusch hoods provide efficient extraction of the air directly above your cooktop. All the odors produced by cooking, baking and roasting are effectively eliminated. It also eliminates cooking pollution and moisture that can be hazardous to your kitchen.

IKD1157.1 Kuppersbusch 44" Designer-Style Island Canopy Hood
KD957.1 Kuppersbusch 36" Designer-Style Wall Mounted Chimney Hood
KD9500.1E Kuppersbusch 36" Stainless Steel Designer-Style Wall Mounted Hood
IKD12250.0E Kuppersbusch 48'' Stainless Steel Island Mounted Ventalation Hood
KD12250.0E Kuppersbusch 48'' Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Ventalation Hood
KD6500.1 kuppersbusch 24'' Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Ventilation Hood