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LDF7932ST LG Fully-Integrated Steam Stainless Steel Dishwasher

LDF7932ST LG Fully-Integrated Steam Stainless Steel Dishwasher
LDF7932ST LG Fully-Integrated Steam Stainless Steel DishwasherLDF7932ST LG Fully-Integrated Steam Stainless Steel Dishwasher


Steam Cleaning
  • Allows for thorough cleaning of baked on foods while using less water than other power scrub methods.
  • Also allows for enhanced cleaning performance when cleaning fine china and stemware items on delicate cycle. The gentle power of steam!

    LoDecibel Quiet Operation
  • Very Quiet – This dishwasher is among the quietest in its class with a built-in food disposer at 50dB.

    Fully Integrated Controls
  • The controls are integrated on the top of the door allowing for a sleek and sophisticated outward appearance.

    SignaLight LED Cycle Indicator Lights
  • The LDF7932ST SteamDishwasher showcases two LED lights signifying the status of the wash process – blue indicating the wash process and green signaling completion.

    Tallest Tub with Maximum Capacity
  • 16 place setting capacity
  • Holds up to 12" dishes and stemware on the upper rack and up to 14" dishes, pots, and pans on the lower rack
  • Flexible storage features such as fold down tines, removable tines, 3-in-1 cutlery and stemware holder
  • The Design-A-Rack™ System allows for removable and adjustable tines, and an upper rack that is easily adjusted for maximum capacity

    Dual Intensity Wash Cycle
  • This setting enables you to fully customize the wash cycle intensity for the upper and lower racks independently – all in the same load.

    SenseClean Wash System
  • The turbidity of the water is automatically measured during the first rinse. The water and cycle time are adjusted based on the need for more or less cleaning. This not only provides excellent cleaning, but water and energy efficiency as well.

    Shipping Weight: 115 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 23 7/8" x 33 7/8" x 25"
  • Clearances (WxHxD) : 24" x 34" x 25"

  • Ratings/Requirements/Type : UL Listed, 120 V/60 Hz, 15 Amps
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